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Testimonials from Kenya...


Kenyan workshops were beginning one month ago yet. It seemed to me that it was the right time to share some testimonials!

"Incredible experience, my introduction to the Epona approach was such a wonderful experience. I would love to to it again for sure. Thank you so much."

Exploring the potential of horse-human relationship

"Thank you so much for all the new things you thaught us that can help to improve our relationship and communicatin with the horses and ourselves!"

Building an authentic relationship with horses

"Knowing ourselves better, understanding our emotions and our body language allow a better understanding of others and horses. And, horses also help us a lot to learn about ourselves. It was a very rich experience. I would like to do it again."

Talk about intuition with horses


Thanks all! It was a wonderful time for me too!

Next workshops in Kenya in october 2013.




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